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Weekday Cycle 1

A Comparison with the Analysis of

Michelle Nailon
B. Arts, B.Theol., M. Theol. GradDipTheol.

10th December2nd Sunday Advent
17th December3rd Sunday Advent
24th December4th Sunday Advent
25th DecemberChristmas Day
31st DecemberHoly Family
7th JanuaryThe Epiphany
14th January2nd Sunday of Year B
21st January3rd sunday of Year B


Readings on this web site are taken from pages of the Reality Search Analysis c/f In terms of the analysis, the context of the readings would be clearer if a full copy of Version Four (Five Pivotal Texts) and Version Five (Analysed Translation) were at hand. These books are available through downloads from

Sometime ago a new site was started called This provides downloads of workshops on the "reality" gospel analysis for Mark, Matthew, Luke, Acts and John.

People talk about the need for a value system. The modern world has evolved from the Judaic Christian tradition. One would expect that in the forming and the operation of any modern corporation the values of the gospel would be at least considered. The workshops set these out in an easily understandable way without making the claim they are the "last word" on the gospels.

The animated workshops start with the texts and show how they can be analysed into headings. Another site has now been started to start with the headings and work back to the texts. So far all the pages for Mark and Matthew have been included in a site called Note the dot com and dot org difference.

The rationale for setting out Reality Search in the present site in terms of the gospel of the day in the Prayer of the Church, is that the significance of the analysis is clarified more. The Prayer of the Church centers around the Eucharist and a key part of this is the gospel of the day. Millions of people are reflecting on the same text on the same day. What better way to consider the details of a text than when the whole church is reflecting upon it?

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Note: The literal translation in "Translation Analysed" is from the RSV Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (1968). Translator was Rev A Marshall.
Queen's Printer and Controller of HMSO. Reproduced with the permission of the Treasury Solicitor under delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO.

Note: The paraphrase of the literal translation (with some reference to the Greek) in "Five Pivotal Texts" is by Michelle Nailon CSB. The Reality Search analysis of both texts is by Michelle Nailon CSB
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